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Home of the FAMOUS Betty Baked Potato

Jim & Mary Buzzard opened Buzz's Mini Market & Deli in Walker, MO in 1998. It wasn't long before Jim got the urge to try his hand at smoking meats and Buzz's BBQ was born. Buzz's served a limited menu to a packed house every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the sleepy little town until moving to their first Nevada location in 2006. Buzz's outgrew TWO Nevada locations and finally landed at their permanent home, 2500 E. Austin in Nevada, in 2012, and subsequently became Buzz's BBQ & Steakhouse. Mary has since retired and Jim has passed on, but the Buzz's legacy lives on. Their daughter Amy and her husband Will purchased the restaurant in the fall of 2017 and continue serving the best BBQ in the region. Friendly atmosphere, comfortable seating, friendly staff and the BEST smoked meats around.